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How often can I Snooze?

You can Snooze each bundll as many times as the app allows you. Just be aware that the minimum bundll repayment of $20 will apply every time and the $2.50 Snooze fee may apply, depending on if you have free Snoozes or not.

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Your Snooze pot is where your free Snoozes are stored in the app.

A Snooze offers you the opportunity to delay the repayment date for a bundll by an additional 14 days. You can either buy a Snooze for a flat fee of $2.50 or be awarded a free Snooze, from say referring a friend. (See also ‘How can I earn free Snoozes?’ below)

If you want to Snooze, you must also make a minimum bundll repayment of $20 off the selected bundll, which will be deducted automatically with the $2.50 fee. Both these amounts will be immediately charged to your funding source so make sure you have $22.50 in available funds before you decide to Snooze.

If you’re using a free snooze the $2.50 Snooze fee will not be applicable but you’ll still have to make the $20 minimum bundll repayment, which will be charged to your funding source.

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