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What is the Raiz x bundll partnership?

Bundll has partnered with Raiz, to allow Raiz users, who are eligible to apply via a link in the Raiz app, for a bundll account. The Raiz application link offers you the ability to apply for bundll using your existing Raiz customer information/data, like mobile, email, full name, DOB and registered address to streamline the application process. If approved for bundll, Raiz initiated applications, will be provisioned with a co-branded Raiz x bundll digital card.

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If you see a Raiz bundll link in your Raiz app then you’re welcome to apply! Simply follow the prompts within your Raiz app to download bundll, then go through the quick pre-populated application.

Your Raiz account will be automatically connected as a funding source in your bundll app. You’ll also be prompted to add a Visa or Mastercard as a funding source. You can set either as your default funding source.

If Raiz is set as your default funding source in bundll but the automated repayment fails due to insufficient funds, we’ll automatically try the credit or debit card you registered during signup. If that doesn’t work, you’ll enter the standard grace period which gives you an additional 24 hours before a late payment fee is applied.

You can’t remove Raiz from your bundll account but you can choose not to use Raiz for any payments, just make sure your debit/credit card is set as your primary funding source in your ‘Profile’ page in the bundll app and has sufficient funds.

If you want to change your primary funding source, you can do this via your ‘Profile’ page within the bundll app.

Get started with a bundll account and download the app.