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BNPL that works nearly everywhere, for nearly everything

Ever wished you could use buy now pay later for a whole lot more expenses, like food and petrol? Well, now you can. Bundll is a new BNPL service which works nearly everywhere, so you can BNPL your way through your working week.

There was a time when buy now pay later was limited to certain kinds of shopping, such as retail. But those days are over. Now, thanks to bundll, you can get what you need today and pay for it in two weeks’ time—for everything. That’s because bundll works nearly everywhere that Mastercard works. Here are some ways you might use bundll over the course of an average week.

Buy now pay later for the basics: food and petrol

Let’s begin with the basics. Whether you fill your shopping trolley and your car in one go or drip buy your food and petrol over the course of your week, bundll is your friend. Simply #tapthebear at the checkout and get on your way. After all, there are more important things to think about than basics, like good times out with pals and trips to Canada.

Buy now pay later for drinking and dining out: from coffee to degustations

Talking aboutgood times, bundll helps you make them even sweeter. Craving an extra cappuccino to get you through hump day? Just got an impromptu invitation to a posh restaurant? Whether it’s 4 bucks for a coffee from your fave barista or 100 bucks for wild-caught salmon and Champagne, all you got to do is #tapthebear.

Buy now pay later for unbelievable bargains: from designer hotel rooms to designer jackets

You never can tell when an unbelievable bargain is going to crop up. One minute, you’re relaxing on your couch, tucking into a gourmet honey pot, the next, you’re frantically flicking through a sudden sale. Need to nab a 50% discount on that jacket you’ve had your eye on for months—before someone else does? #Tapthebear and, while you’re waiting for your package to land on your doorstep, start planning the rest of your outfit. To help you achieve your #shoppinggoals, the app enables you to create personalised wish lists, which let you compare prices and keep an eye on great deals.

Ready to buy now pay later your way through your next working week?

However you do your working week—from food and petrol, to coffee and degustations, to sudden sales—you can BNPL with bundll. The app will roll all your purchases into one, simple payment, which you can make in two weeks’ time. But, if it comes up too soon, you can always hit snooze. Download the app now.


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