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Budget hacks for when pay day is a lifetime away

The bear always keeps his essentials covered, but, every now and again, an extra cost pops up which makes it hard to make it through to pay day. Here, he shares some hacks for managing your money.

I don’t know about you, but every now and again, my honey pot runs dry. By that, I mean my budget for fun things gets low—when pay day looks like it’s a lifetime away. The good news is I’ve worked out some clever tricks for making it through (without living off beans). 

Keeping my essentials covered

My number one rule, when it comes to budgeting, is to make sure my essentials are always covered. There’s no way I’d risk my daily honey fix for anything. My app is really handy for keeping track of my budget because it lets me set daily limits for spending by category—from food to fuel to bills. Then, if I go over budget, I get a notification. So, I usually have enough cash to meet my needs and some leftover to have some fun—whether that means a salmon dinner with pals or a new pair of sunnies. 

Where are you, pay day?

Even though I’m pretty careful, every now and again things don’t go to plan. I might have to pay an extra bill or my essentials might cost more than expected—like the time my fave honey pot had to go in for repairs. When that happens, it can feel like pay day is an eternity away. Whether you’re paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the time seems to move as slow as a snail when you’re waiting. So, what do you do? Eat beans until pay day … or come up with a better way of managing your money? 

Tricks for making it through to pay day 

I’ve thought hard about this, and come up with a few tricks that help me make it through to pay day with minimal drudgery. Say my essentials are covered, pay day is a week away, and then I suddenly get a call from a friend who wants to meet for a drink or I see some high-quality honey on sale. Rather than missing out, I pay with my app, which lets me buy now, pay later on nearly everything, nearly everywhere. It rolls all my spending into one bundll, then gives me two weeks to pay for it. That means, I can make up my budget when pay day rolls around, instead of having to wait … and wait … and wait. Plus, if two weeks passes, and I can’t repay the bundll in one go, I can choose to Snooze, which, for $2.50, gives me another two weeks to pay. 

Yes, life is certainly sweeter with bundll in my pocket. I can manage my budget, make sure I’ve enough money for my essentials, then, if anything unexpected comes up, buy it now, but pay for it later. 

Want a little help getting through to pay day? You can download the bundll app here.


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