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Five date night ideas you (probably) haven’t thought of yet

If you’ve been stuck in a cycle of blockbuster movies, restaurants and bunches of roses, it could be time to revamp your romance repertoire. Let us take the lead with these out-of-the-chocolate-box ideas.

Date night doesn’t have to be predictable. In fact, it should be anything but. That’s why the bear has put his mind to rewriting the date night playbook. Surprise your lover, your potential lover, or yourself (why not?) with one of these five ideas you (probably) haven’t thought of yet. 

Dinner underwater

Chances are you’ve wined and dined in all sorts of places, from sky high restaurants to waterfront picnic spots. But have you ever tried it under the sea—among tropical fish, turtles and maybe even a shark or two? At Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium, you can do just that. Treat yourself and your date to a three-course dinner, while sipping sparkling wine and gazing at a spectacular re-creation of the Great Barrier Reef through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Go stargazing

There’s perhaps nothing more romantic than reminding yourself that Planet Earth is a teeny-tiny ball hurtling at 30 kilometres per second through infinite space. Depending on where you live, you can go stargazing in so many ways—from rolling out a blanket at your local park and staring into the sky until urban lights recede and stars appear, to visiting your nearest observatory where you can get closer to heavenly bodies by looking through a telescope. 

Order a caviar tasting platter and a bottle of top-shelf Champagne

The beautiful thing about this date idea is that it doesn’t involve leaving your home sweet home. All you’ve got to do is find the comfiest corner of your couch and get ready to indulge. There’s a bunch of caviar and Champagne tasting packages to choose from, including this Moet Champagne and White Sturgeon Caviar Hamper by Simon Johnson and this Caviar Tasting Pack by Yarra Valley Caviar, which features a caviar infused with Bloody Shiraz Gin.

Get high in the sky

See your date—and the world—in a whole new light by taking off into the sky. There are many, many ways to do this. You might catch a hot air balloon at sunrise, take a joy flight on a seaplane or a helicopter, or get your thrills skydiving. Take the romance up a notch—and bring the adrenaline down—with breakfast or lunch afterwards. 

Create or learn something

Ever wanted to learn how to write a pop song, speak French, dance flamenco or kick a pottery wheel? Date night is the perfect night for it. Whether you hang at home and follow instructions in a book, or head to a class, is up to you. Creating is a chance to learning something new about yourself and your date mate. 

Ready for romance?

Whether your date night is a weekly treat or a special occasion, you can enjoy it now, then pay for it later with bundll. Simply #tapthebear—and you’ll get two extra weeks to pay.


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