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Bundll your way from your local grocer to your fave online store

The beautiful thing about bundll is you can use it wherever you want—whether you’re at your local cornerstore stocking up on chocolate for tonight’s Netflix binge or searching the Internet for the best price on a new pair of pants. #Tapthebear today and pay in two weeks.

Traditional buy now, pay later services specialise in particular types of shopping, like retail. Not bundll. The bear takes the game to a whole new level. Pop the app in your pocket, and you’ll be free to buy now, pay later wherever you go.

Buy now, pay later online

What kind of online shopper are you? The type who stalks products and prices for days before deciding? Or do you watch sales like a hawk, then dive in for the kill as soon as prices drop? Then again, you might put all your energy (and cash) into small businesses or independent artists. 

However you shop online, you can almost always pay with bundll. That’s because bundll works in nearly all the spots that Mastercard works—both online and in real life. Simply open the app and tap ‘card reveal’ to see your card number and expiry date. Need your CVC security code? Hit ‘spin’. 

Buy now, pay later in real life

So many little costs make up an average week, from your daily coffee to pub nights with workmates to filling up your trolley. Then there’s the spontaneous splurges, like birthday presents, unexpected catch-ups and impulsive adventures. Wherever your day takes you, you can roll all your expenses into a single amount with bundll—then pay for it later. Simply open the digital wallet on your smart phone, then swipe to reveal your bundll card and tap to pay. It couldn’t be easier. 

Get two weeks to pay

When you #tapthebear in the bundll app, you get two weeks to pay. As pay day approaches, re-examine your budget, and, if you think you need more time, all you have to do tap is ‘snooze’ to get an extra two weeks interest free. Snoozing costs just $2.50, plus, to help you keep on top of your finances, we’ll also ask you to pay 20 bucks off your bundll. You can snooze multiple times, and, every time you refer bundll to a friend, we’ll say thanks by giving you a snooze for free. 

Get bundll now

To buy now pay later online and instore, download the app


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