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How to avoid unexpected plans stretching the budget

Sometimes, something comes up which puts your budget out of whack. The culprit might be a best friend who wants to hit up a new cocktail bar or a weekend away in your nearest wine region. Whatever the case, bundll can help you make up for it, by letting you buy now, pay later on nearly everything. 

Spent a little more than you planned—and still got a bunch of expenses to meet between now and your next pay day? Don’t stress. Bundll is here to give you a big bear hug and save the day by helping you spread out your expenses and still stick within your budget! Whether you had to catch up with apal or simply had some unexpected expenses crop up, you can get through the rest of the week by #tappingthebear. Bundll lets you buy now, pay later on absolutely everything, from food and fuel, to beers and bills.

When your spending gets off tracks

Even if you’re the best budgeter in the world, you can’t predict everything. One minute, you’re looking at your banking app and smiling to yourself because you’re totally on top of your weekly spending. The next minute, your best friend calls, and, within an hour, you’re having an impromptu drink. Or, you suddenly remember that it’s your mum’s birthday tomorrow, so you jump online and buy her something beautiful that doesn’t quite squeeze into your budget. When these unexpected costs crop up it can be helpful to buy now, pay later and stagger your repayments so your budget stays on track. 

Here’s the solution

The good news is you don’t have to stress. Bundll is made for situations just like these. With the app at your fingertips, you can buy now, pay later nearly everywhere that accepts Mastercard. Yes, that probably includes your local supermarket, post office and petrol station. All you have to do is #tapthebear to pay, and, at the end of your week, all your spendings will be rolled into one, neat and tidy amount—which isn’t due for two weeks. Plus, if you need more time, all you have to do is tap snooze, and you’ll get another two weeks. Snoozing costs just $2.50 + a $20.00 repayment on your bundll.

Bundll to stay on track
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