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Paws, snooze, hibernate: how bundll works

Bundll lets you buy now and pay later—nearly everywhere that accepts Mastercard. Plus, it offers a bunch of handy features, from snooze, which lets you delay repayments for two weeks, to a budgeting toolkit, which lets you set weekly spending limits by category.

Bundll is a buy now, pay later service which works almost everywhere. You might be buying a pizza with pals, filling your car with petrol or swinging by your local fruit and veg shop, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is #tapthebear—and you’ll get two weeks to repay. Here we take a look at a bunch of bundll’s most delightful features.

A digital card on your phone which works where Mastercard works

Your bundll account gives you a digital card. Add it to the digital wallet on your phone and you can use it nearly anywhere you use Mastercard. Shopping in real life? Pay in a jiffy by opening your digital wallet, swiping your card and tapping your phone. It’s as easy as that. Shopping from your couch? Pay online by opening the app, tapping ‘card reveal’ and entering the details that magically appear. To get the CVC code, swipe your card to make it spin and reveal the numbers on the back. Either way, you’ll get two weeks to pay from the moment you make your purchase.

Won’t be ready to pay in two weeks? Don’t panic. Snooze.

If your payment day is coming up, and you’re not ready to pay, don’t panic. The bear has your back. Bundll gives you the chance to snooze, which gets you an extra two weeks to pay— because who doesn’t love a good nap every once in a while?

Jump into the app before payment day, choose the bundll that’s bothering you, tap snooze and ahhh … relax. This opportunity to kick back will cost you just $2.50 + a $20.00 repayment. But rest assured, this 20 bucks isn’t a fee; it reduces your bundll by $20.00. Oh, and if you’d prefer to get your snoozes for free, you can earn them by referring bundll to your friends, thanks to the bear’s ‘bundll buddies’ program. There’s no limit to how many free snoozes you can score—and it’s easy to keep track of them in the app’s snooze pot.

All your spending transformed into one, simple repayment—due on one, single day

No matter how far you roam on your spending adventures, the bear will roll them into one, simple bundll. Before you begin shopping, the app will ask you to choose a payment day. Then, on that day, all your purchases for the previous week will be added up, to create one, simple repayment. That’s right, no longer do you have to stress out about juggling multiple repayments to multiple folks. The bear is all about making life as laidback as possible. Less is more, as they say. Now, could someone please pass that honey pot?

Budgeting made easy

Bundll isn’t just dedicated to making shopping and repaying easier. It’s also dedicated to helping you master your money. That’s why the app features a bunch of beary handy budgeting hacks. To see them, tap the budgeting tab in the top left corner of the app (the one with three circles in the middle). From there, you can set weekly spending limits for every category—from eating out to clothing to movies. Want to make sure you don’t splurge more than $100 a week at restaurants? Type that in. When you’re at risk of blowing your budget, the app will send you a notification, so you can rein in your spending over the rest of the week—and hit your target. Budgeting doesn’t mean missing out on fun; but it does mean keeping your long term dreams in mind. When you’re boss of your money, you’re free to do the things in life you want to do, when you want to do them.

VIP access to your fave brands, including exclusive deals!

Whether it’s ASOS, Amazon or Woolies that you want at your fingertips, bundll puts them there. From your app, you can shop direct at your fave online stores. Checking out couldn’t be easier, because bundll remembers your deets and automatically fills them in for you when you’re ready to buy. Even better, the bear has made friends with loads of big brands, to bring you deals which can’t be found anywhere else.

What’s on your wish list?

Whether it’s hotel rooms in Montreal or salmon at the local chipper, the bear likes to live with a wish list in mind. After all, what is life if you don’t dream big? For that reason, the bundll app lets you curate personalised wish lists. But these are not just any old, ordinary wish lists. They’re wish lists that help you achieve your #shoppinggoals, by comparing prices across brands and keeping a close eye on deals when they pop up. That way, you can jump on a bargain when the time is right, pay later, and, if you want to, snooze … if not hibernate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to make friends with the bear? To try out bundll’s features yourself, download the app now. It’s free.


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