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Why it’s sweeter being buddies with the bear

On top of letting you buy now, pay later on everything, everywhere, the bear gets you access to a bunch of sweet deals. 

Quite frankly, I enjoy a good deal when it comes along–as long as it fits neatly into my weekly budget. That’s why, when I have my mind set on something, I spend time searching the Internet for the best price I can find. And I like nothing more than to share them with my pals. So, if you’re buddies with me, you can count on nabbing some sweet deals. Here’s just a few of the shopping adventures you can have on the bundll app.

Exclusive deals on clothing, accessories and more …

Planning on a party? Need a new pair of shoes for work? Just booked a holiday in Canada? Whatever’s on your mind, chances are, when you’re looking for something special, you’ll score an exclusive deal on it with the app. All you gotta do is tap the shop tab (hint: it’s at the bottom of the page). Look out for snazzy savings on shoes by Bellini, crazy good discounts on clothing by ASOS, and as much as 70% off literally thousands of things at Princess Polly—from make up and jewellery to sunglasses and hats, dresses and jumpsuits. 

Serious savings on sneakers

Whether you’re the star of your local netball team or a runner getting ready for your first marathon, you need to treat your feet right. That’s why I hatched a plan with Sportitude to bring you serious savings on sneakers. You’ll find more than 120 brands on the virtual shelves, including Nike, Hoka, Mizuno, Asics, Brooks and Adidas. While you’re there, you might want to check out the activewear too. 

Get giftcards for less

Who doesn’t love a good giftcard? Nobody. Whether you want to treat yourself but aren’t sure what you want yet or want to send someone you love on an unexpected shopping spree, a giftcard is the way to go. That’s why Prezzee and I put our heads together to bring you magnificent deals on their cards. 

The best way to get your benefits

My app gives you a direct line to all the bargains I’ve been talking about, plus heaps of other goodies—from food delivery services and supermarkets to hardware shops and department stores to electronics and tech brands. 

To make things even easier for you, I’ve made check out as smooth as … well, honey. When you go to pay, you’ll see the app has pre-filled your bundll account details, so you don’t have to do a thing. Just grab a honeypot, kick back and wait for the post to land on your doorstep.

So, are we buddies or what? Download the app now.


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