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Wrecked tech? BNPL your way back to the modern world

Whether your tech is broken or in need of an upgrade, you can BNPL your way out of any tech crisis with bundll.

Smashed your phone? Dropped your laptop? Lost your earbuds? You probably feel like you’ve been plunged into the Dark Ages. When your tech is wrecked, it’s tough to get on with your life—whether you’re trying to catch up with friends or make it through your workday. But, hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Buy now, pay later your way out of a tech crisis with bundll. 

Tech stitched into your everyday

There’s no doubt about it. Tech is essential to our every day. We need it when we’re working. We need it when we’re shopping, especially if that involves hunting down the best deals in town. We need it to run our social lives, whether that means chatting with friends over our fave app or figuring out where to meet for a drink. It’s impossible to imagine life before mobiles.

When your tech goes on the blink or falls behind the times

Tech can do all kinds of incredible things, but it’s also super fragile. One second you’re texting a friend, the next you drop your phone—and the screen is smashed into a thousand little fragments. Then there’s the continual need to upgrade, so you can enjoy faster speeds, better cameras and the latest versions of the best apps.

Buy now, pay later on tech

Tech troubles can maddening, but they don’t have to destroy your day. With bundll in your back pocket, you can buy now, pay later on nearly everything, nearly everywhere—including tech. You might need a phone expert to fix a smashed screen, a new pair of ear buds because yours have been missing for weeks, or a new tablet because yours is slower than a snail. Whatever the case, bundll is here to bring you back to the modern world.

Enjoy 14 days interest free—and choose to Snooze!

Bundll your tech and you’ll get 14 days to pay for it. Simply tap the bear at check out or, if you’re shopping online, use the card details in your digital wallet. Can’t meet your payment deadline? you can choose to Snooze, which, for $2.50, gives you another 14 days to pay. 

Shop from the comfort of your app

Another of bundll’s snazzy features is that it lets you shop directly from your app. Jump in, find your fave brand, then tap away until you find the product you want. The bear also offers exclusive deals from time to time, so you can keep on top of your tech, while saving money.

Come back from the Dark Age

If you’re ready to fix your phone or get yourself a new laptop, but you’d rather buy now, pay later, download the bundll app now.


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